Paint Disposal

Homes and business generate enormous amounts of leftover gallons of paint each year. The proper way to dispose of it is to recycle it. Neither latex or oil-based paints are accepted for disposal at local landfills or transfer stations. As a result, placing paint in your home’s trash bin is prohibited. However, dry empty paint cans are acceptable for disposal; just make sure to keep the lid off so that your waste company personnel are able to see the can is empty and dried.

To properly dispose of your paint, two locations in Imperial County currently accept your paint free of charge:

  • Sherwin Williams Paint Store – 1950 S. 4th Street, El Centro – 760-337-1500
  • Sherwin Williams Paint Store – 2413 Marshall Avenue, Imperial – 760-355-1467

Please call your location before taking your paint in order to ensure they will accept your paint. All paints, regardless of where it was purchased, are accepted for disposal. For more details on disposing your paint and other paint products, please visit For a list of products that are accepted and not accepted, please click here.