Waste Tire Disposal

Waste tires are considered a solid waste that must be disposed of in an approved manner. The definition (PRC §42807) of a waste tire is that it is no longer mounted on a vehicle and is no longer suitable for use as a vehicle tire due to wear, damage, or deviation from the manufacturer’s original specifications. Due to the environmental threat of waste tires – the ability to hold water and potentially breed mosquitos or catching fire – properly disposing of waste tires is a local and State priority.

Please see below for places that accept waste tires in Imperial County:

· Contact your waste hauler to determine if they offer tire pick-up services.

· Transport up to nine tires to any of the Imperial Valley Resource Management Agency facilities, located at:

  • Hwy 86 and G Street, Brawley
  • 500 W. 1st Street, Calexico
  • 702 E. Heil Avenue, El Centro

For additional information, including operating days and hours,

Contact IVRMA at (760) 337-4589· Contact your preferred tire business to determine if they accept waste tires for disposal.

If you are a victim of illegally dumped tires on your property, you can call IVRMA to determine if the tires are eligible for collection.

To report illegally disposed tires, please call 442-265-1888, or report it online by clicking here.

***Please be aware, in order to transport more than 10 tires, you need to contract a permitted waste tire hauler. For a list of locally permitted waste tire haulers, please contact (442) 265-1818***